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Фото книги Inferno
ISBN: 978-1-84749-340-8
Формат: 130x200 Форматы книжных изданий
Издательство: Alma Classics
Год издания: 2014
Кол.страниц: 408

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Описание книги Dante Alighieri - Inferno

Dante's dramatic journey through the circles of hell in search of redemption - and his encounter with devils, monsters and the souls of some of the greatest sinners who ever walked on earth - is one of the cornerstones of Western literature, the summit of medieval thinking and arguably the highest poetic achievement of all time. Inferno, the first part of Dante's Divine Comedy, is presented here in a new verse translation by acclaimed poet and prize-winning translator J.G. Nichols, together with the original text facing, extensive notes, illustrations and a critical apparatus focusing on the author's life and works.

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