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Around the World in Eighty Days

Фото книги Around the World in Eighty Days
ISBN: 978-0-7538-2324-8
Код-книги: 909107
Издательство: Orion Books
Год издания: 2009
Язык: Русский
Переплет: Печатное, мягкая обложка
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Книга напечатана 9 лет назад.

Книга является букинистической, это может отразиться на ее состоянии, обычно это пожелтевшие страницы и т.д

Цена: 802 грн


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Рецензии, отрывки


Описание книги Michael Palin - Around the World in Eighty Days

`The pace of this kind of travel has not much changed since Fogg set out in 1872. Trains may be a little faster, but there are certainly no high-speed rail links yet across India, China or the USA. Passenger services have practically disappeared from the world`s shipping lanes ... Recourse to air travel, even as a convenient means of escape, was not allowed`.Following the route taken by Phileas Fogg 115 years earlier, Michael Palin set out from the Reform Club to circumnavigate the world. The rules were simple, but nothing else about the trip was straightforward...From a tour of Venice on a rubbish barge to ship spotting at the Suez Canal and the bicycle rush hour and snake snacks in China, this is an unparalleled tribute to man`s ability to make life difficult for himself.